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Public Holiday

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It’s Melbourne Cup Day, which is a public holiday in Melbourne, but I’m working today. Most others (except those in the service industry) are having a day off, so this is dedicated to those of us who have to work on a public holiday!


Public Holiday (to the tune of Cliff Richard’s “Summer Holiday”)

We’re all working on a public holiday

Everybody else is on a break

Stress and pressure on this public holiday

Enthusiasm that I can’t fake

I have a headache


We’re slogging through the workload slowly

Procrastinating is what we’ll do

Everybody else is relaxing

I want unwind too!


Not everybody has a public holiday

Doing things that they wanted to

I hate working on a public holiday

I want to have a breather too

Give me leave in lieu!


Written by ianinozzie

05/11/2013 at 12:01

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Remember, remember, Cup Day in November!

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Today is Melbourne Cup Day AND Guy Fawkes Day/Night. Not very often do these dates intertwine, so in commemoration of these dates coinciding:

Remember, remember!
Cup Day in November
In Flemington the horses all trot
You will be a grinner
If you’ve picked a winner
Champagne you’ll drink a lot!

Written by ianinozzie

05/11/2013 at 11:13

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